Wednesday, 21 January 2015

25 Gift Ideas for someone with allergies

I asked the allergy community on new ideas for blog posts as I love other people's input when it comes to something which is set out to help other people. One of the suggestions that arose was "gift buying for people with allergies". I know the struggle it is for other people to buy me gifts. They find that "normal" items to buy people such as chocolates, flowers, make-up, cosmetics etc. are off limits. Here's some ideas on things to buy. Of course it does all depend on the gender as well as the age of the person. It also depends on the person's personality and likes and dislikes. If you were going to buy the person something edible or a cosmetic product then it would be best to ask the person what they know they are safe with so as to ensure their safety.

1. Chocolates/Sweets the person can eat
2. Handbag/rucksack
3. Purse/wallet
4. Book
5. Diary
6. Game console game/computer game
7. Cosmetics they can use
8. Bed wear (e.g. pyjama's, slippers, woolly socks, dressing gown, onesie etc.)
9. Underwear
10. Socks
11. A gift voucher for a shop they like
12. Money
13. Photo frame/photo album
14. Headphones
15. Board game
16. A toy
17. A cup/mug
18. Personalised things (such as things with their name on it, their date of birth, their wedding day etc.)
19. A subscription to an online game they play
20. A DVD/CD
21. Jewellery
22. Duvet cover, bed sheets, pillow cases etc.
23. Alcohol
24. A trip to somewhere special (such as a theme park, a theatre trip, a tour of somewhere etc.)
25. Shoes/clothes

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