Monday, 16 February 2015

Just Love Food Company

A major issue for those suffering with nut allergies is that so many desserts are off the menu. Although this can do wonders for the waist line it is always lovely to have a treat now and then. I have suffered with a nut allergy for the best part of 5 years now and the most difficult thing about it has been the transition of going from eating anything sweet I wanted to being extremely limited within my diet.

This blog post is dedicated to an amazing company I have found. Most companies cannot guarantee that their food is nut free. This is due to them using nuts within the same factory so there is a risk, all be it small, of cross contamination from food that has nuts used within it to food that is supposedly "nut free". Before it used to always be about 'Fabulous Baking Boys'. They were completely nut free and did not use any nuts within their foods so it was a safe haven for nut allergy sufferers and their families. However late last year they delivered a blow which would change the way that nut allergic people could eat. They were changing their products and were going to begin to produce nut products. This in turn meant that their nut free no longer would exist. Since this happening the company 'Just Love Food Company' has become really popular amongst nut allergy sufferers. They have been around for a while but it has only been lately that they have become more prevalent and known about. Just Love Food Company ensure nut free. They do not use nuts in their factory, they also source ingredients which are 100% nut free. So despite Fabulous Baking Boys introducing a nut line all is not lost.

Just Love Food Company provide nut free birthday cakes. They also have began to start providing cakes for other occasions as well as cup cakes so those with nut allergies do not have to lose out. They make a range of different products to serve the ever-growing population of nut allergy sufferers. There are cakes designed for children but also cakes suitable for adults.

I have personally tried out two of their birthday cakes and I have no other word but fantastic to describe them.

The first is the 'Angry Birds Cake'. The cake contains 16 servings and is great for birthday parties of children and adults alike. The cake was served to not only me but all the family and friends whom were present at the particular birthday party. They all loved it and couldn't believe it was nut free. I think people believe that if something is 'free-from' it will taste horrible but this cake is far from it. It has a lovely light and fluffy sponge with jam and cream filling that tastes like any other cake on the market so there is defiantly no missing out. The icing is very tasty too and is not too sweet or sickly. This particular cake can be found in the following supermarkets: Tesco, Nisa, Asda and Tesco (Wales).

The second is the 'Happy Birthday Cake'. The cake is smaller than the 'Angry Birds Cake' as it contains 8 servings but it still tastes as fantastic! It again has a lovely jam and cream filling and the icing is not too sickly or sweet. It was recently my 21st Birthday and I ended up having 3 of these cakes over a period of a week (not all to myself though haha). I had one when I went out with my parents for a meal and they had some too and found it very yummy. The next day I had another with some friends I went out for a meal with and they also had some and thought it tasted great. The third I had at my birthday party. A Costco cake was bought for everyone else and I had this cake. I personally feel that Costco cakes are very sickly (I think it's the icing that's the problem) so I was more than happy to have a nut-free cake. I enjoyed the cake very much and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a yummy nut-free cake. This particular cake can be found in the following supermarkets: Tesco, Nisa and Tesco (Wales).

Just Love Food Company do deliveries on their products.
They also do personalised cakes for any occasion with people's names, ages and different designs.

Their website can be found at:
Their facebook page can be found at:

Just Love Food Company is an amazing company who are dedicated to making the lives of nut allergy sufferers easier. Although they are getting better known they still do not, in my opinion, have the ultimate coverage they deserve. I would give this company a 5 star rating as they are an amazing and very caring company that truly do go the extra mile. I really could not recommend them more.

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