Friday, 24 April 2015

Nut Free Chocolate People review

First off I want to start this blog off by apologising for not writing this sooner. Unfortunately I have spent the past few months in and out of hospital and fitting in blogging with this has proven to be difficult.

So now to get on to the actual blog. After I wrote my review on the 'Just Love Food Company' cakes I was approached by a lady who runs her own business selling nut free chocolate. It's called 'Nut Free Chocolate People'. I'd never heard of the company until she messaged me on facebook. I am extremely glad that I was asked to review their chocolate as it was very delicious and tasted great with a completely nut free reassurance.

The 3 items together

I was sent 3 different items of chocolate. The first (the one on the right) was the 'milk chocolate with fudge bar'. The second (the one in the middle) was a box of the 'Tea Time Delights'. The third (the one on the right) was a bag of the 'Easter Selection'.

Looking at the first item (milk chocolate with fudge bar) the first thing I noted was that it looked really tasty (this was before I even opened the packaging. It was packaged in a clear plastic bag with a sticker on it telling you what the item is as well as highlighting the nut free part of it. On opening the bag the chocolate smelled really good. It had lots of fudge chunks in it and definitely looked super yummy. On tasting it it was just as good as it looked! It was creamy, smooth and melt in the mouth. I'd highly reccommend it to anyone who loves chocolate and fudge.

The second item came packaged in a white box. It looked really professional looking and it was great to see a box of chocolates that was nut free as in shops or online it's pretty impossible to find a box of chocolates which are nut free as due to the selection of chocolates within it they either have nutty chocolate within the box or they carry a high risk of cross contamination. Again there was a sticker stating what the item was and highlighting the nut free part.

 On opening the box the chocolates look amazing! There were two different parts which each contained 6 chocolates each. They were adorable designs which replicated teapots, clocks, honey pots etc. Again, like the milk chocolate with fudge bar, the chocolate smelled really good. It was very melt in the mouth and moreish. These definitely didn't last very long!

 The third, and last, item came packaged in a clear plastic bag. Like the above 2 items it carried a sticker letting you know what the item was as well as, once again, highlighting the nut free part. The chocolate, again, looked really nice and I couldn't wait to try it,

Within the 'Easter Selection' there were chocolate rabbits, Easter eggs and ducks. They were a super cute design and suitable for children and adults alike! These also did not last very long as they were great tasting and very yummy.

After receiving this, tasting it and highlighting how great it was my mum ordered me an Easter egg and another bag of Easter Selection for an Easter present as due to chocolate either having nuts in it or carrying a 'may contain' warning it's difficult to find holiday chocolate in which I can eat. 'Nut Free Chocolate Company' do many different types of chocolate including holiday chocolate which is great as who doesn't love a bit of chocolate at holiday time?

Their facebook page can be found here:
Their website can be found here:

They are a great company who I can not highlight enough. They are very caring and put a lot of work into their chocolate and produce. Their prices are also great for the totally nut-free reassurance you get and are something every nut allergy sufferer should invest in at least once.

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