Monday, 7 May 2018

Reviewing the Buxom Lash Mascara

A few months ago I joined the 'Glamour Beauty Club'. This is something I'd seen posted about in a Facebook group I'm in and I was very intrigued. Glamour Beauty Club is a free service where you become a member and they send out sample products for you to review. I'd seen a host of different items reviewed and I personally couldn't wait to join to see what, if anything, I'd be sent to review. When you become a member you create a beauty profile filled with information about you and your overall beauty routine (hair, make-up etc.), they then cater what they send you to your beauty profile so the things they send you are more likely to be things you'll want to use. After receiving and using the product they ask you to let them know what you thought of the product so they have feedback on all the different products.

I was amazed to receive an email less than a week after signing up inviting me to try out a sample of a mascara. The particular brand I'd never heard of but on looking it up it looked really promising and I was more than eager to accept the invitation to try it. The product I was invited to try was the 'Buoxm Lash Mascara'.

The product arrived a few days later and I was excited to get stuck in. Along with the item they send you a card letting you know what the item is. I was surprised to see that the product sample size was actually quite big, it was 6ml which is a good amount for a makeup sample item considering the full-size version is only 5ml bigger at 11ml. It came in a nice silver box and the mascara itself has a silver top with a black bottom. 

The description of the mascara on the website reads: "With this U.S. best-selling, volumising mascara, you'll get big, outrageously full lashes with curves to spare. The vitamin enriched, clump resistant formula deepens, darkens and thickens lashes while the hourglass shaped brush evenly coats lashes, from root to tip, for perfect separation and definition. Longwearing, vitamin enriched formula. Smudge and clump resistant. Blackest black." Something I was interested to see was what the wand of the mascara would be like, with other mascaras I find I don't like them as much solely due to the wand they have, I am not the biggest fan of "fluffy" wands and more prefer wands that carry small bristles that are the same material as the wand itself. I was happy to find on opening the mascara that the wand was the type I was hoping for. It was a good sized wand and seemed to hold a decent amount of product on it.

On applying the mascara I found that it was extremely easy to apply and seemed to glide on. It didn't take too many strokes to build up a good coat and didn't feel heavy on my eyelashes like I've experienced with other mascaras before. I absolutely fell in LOVE with this mascara! I definitely would agree with the description of the product. I found that it was volumising for my lashes, it was completely lacking in clumps, the product was evenly distributed throughout my lashes and in my opinion it's one of the best mascaras I personally have come across. I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good mascara for a reasonable price (the full price retails at roughly £16) that does exactly as it advertises it should do. I cannot wait to continue using this product and when my sample size runs out I will definitely go on to purchasing a full-size version of the product.

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