Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Eating out at TGI Friday's with multiple food allergies

*Please note that whilst some chains of takeaways and restaurants do have a company-wide policy regarding how to handle allergens it has been brought to my attention that different locations can differ, whilst one location of a particular chain may be great with handling allergies a different location of the same chain may be somewhat clueless. I will be talking about the particular location/s of the chain I have visited and how I have found them. The particular food allergies that I suffer with are anaphylaxis to: peanuts, all tree nuts, crustaceans and molluscs.*

My third review will be of the restaurant chain TGI Friday's. This blog will be discussing my visit on 24th December 2017 at the TGI Friday's Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird Location. I will hopefully add to my experience with dining out at different locations. 

I was sat down and given a copy of the menu. I spoke with the waiter and explained I had various food allergies. He let me know that their policy was that the manager would come over and take my order once I'd decided what to eat.

After browsing the menu I decided upon the 'Roasted Vegetable Tostada Stack'. When the waiter came back I explained I'd decided what to eat and he got the manager. The manager brought with him the allergen folder they used. The allergen folder was very big and very detailed. They not only labelled the food for containing the allergen but they also made notice of if the food may contain the allergen, every ingredient in the food was documented as to whether or not the food contains the particular allergen or may contain the allergen. It was found that my chosen dish would be free from not only containing my allergen but also it didn't carry a may contain warning. The manager put my order through to the kitchen and also explained about my allergies as an extra caution.

My food arrived and it looked lovely! It tasted very good too. I was happy to find that I had absolutely no problems with my chosen dish and overall it was a very positive and good experience.

I was really happy with my experience at TGI Friday's. I felt very reassured by their allergen folder particularly since there was note of every single ingredient in the food, this is unlike anywhere else I've eaten out before. They are very up to speed with allergies and the potential hazards they can cause to people who are allergic to things. I would highly recommend TGI Friday's to anyone looking for a good experience with a restaurant when dining out with the added difficulty of having food allergies.

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