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Just Love Food Company Free From: Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat, Gluten and Milk Cakes Reviews

This is yet another cake review of the fantastic 'Just Love Food Company' cakes. I previously wrote 2 blogs about their products:

As Just Love Food Company has grown in size it has started to produce more designs of cakes. Their cakes have a peanut and nut free policy so all their products are peanut and nut safe however more recently they have also started to open up to catering for other allergies including: gluten, wheat and milk. I have since purchased some of their new 'free-from' cakes to try. I will be reviewing 2 of these in this blog. 

Sainsbury's Deliciously Freefrom Safari Celebration Cake

This cake contains a recommended 8 servings. It's bright colours and cute animal figurines are appealing to not only children but to adults too. This is the perfect cake for not only birthdays and parties but any celebrations or even if you just fancy a sweet treat one afternoon. It's a very gender neutral cake so would suit absolutely anyone, particularly those who love animals and the jungle. The cake can be found in the Sainsbury's free from aisle, I have found that smaller Sainsbury's do not stock much of a free from section so you will most likely struggle to find it in a smaller shop however their bigger branches do stock it and it's also available online to order too. I received this cake as my 23rd birthday party cake so not only myself but family and friends alike also tried the cake. The cake tastes absolutely lovely. The sponge is not dry and the jam in the middle of the cake adds a great touch to it. The cake is very appealing to look at and personally absolutely fell in love with it when I first stumbled upon it, I just couldn't say no. The icing tasted lovely too, the issue with some icing is that it can quickly become very sickly and too sweet however I personally didn't have this problem with the cake. The cake was quickly eaten and family members and friends who'd tried the cake themselves (without any allergies) thought it tasted great and were pleasantly surprised to learn that it was free from not only tree nuts and peanuts but also was milk free, gluten free and wheat free too. This cake is a great inclusion cake which covers various different top EU allergens which means there is a reduced likelihood of anyone being left out when it comes to allergies compared to other cakes which aren't free from. The cake retails at £9 which I think is a fantastic price for a free from cake and even in comparison to non-free from cakes which tend to retail at much higher prices. 

Sainsbury's Deliciously Freefrom Seriously Chocolate Cake

This cake serves a recommended 10 people. It's an absolute chocolate heaven for any chocolate lovers out there. It's chocolate sponge is moist and very melt in the mouth, the chocolate frosting surrounding the sponge is gorgeous, not only does it smell fantastic but it's very moreish leaving you wanting more but not leaving you feeling it was too sickly. There's a dark chocolate chunk on top of the cake that is the perfect little added extra. It's the perfect cake for absolutely any celebration, or if you're anything like me you say you've just got to buy it to try it out even though there is no occasion! It tastes completely gorgeous and it certainly didn't take me long to get through most of the cake myself! Not only is the cake peanut and nut free but it's also free from wheat, gluten and milk too which again, like the Safari cake mentioned above, limits the likelihood that people will be excluded due to having allergies and anaphylaxis. My mum and step-dad both tried the cake and they had only positive comments to add, they thought it tasted lovely and struggled to believe it was a free from cake as there was no inclination in the taste or presentation of it that would suggest such (apart from the box the cake is in). The cake can be purchased in Sainsbury's stores for £8 which is a great price for such a delicious free from cake, I've found that the smaller Sainsbury's stores due to how small their free from sections are don't typically stock the cake however bigger ones usually stock them in their free from part of the shop. 

The Sainsbury's Deliciously Freefrom Seriously Chocolate Cake can be found at: https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/birthday-and-party-cakes/sainsburys-freefrom-seriously-chocolate-cake-743g

To find out more information about Just Love Food Company please visit: 

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